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Mail Distribution :: Setup Requirements

  1. In order to use this system you must choose a domain (usually a sub-domain of your existing domain) that will be delegated to this task. IE:
    • Your regular domain is
    • You create a subdomain such that exists, by creating an A record for that resolves to
    • You can now have lists that are
    • If you publish an SPF record you must ensure that you modify it to allow our IP address ( to be a sender (ask your DNS host to do this). If you don't currently publish an SPF record you probably should to prevent spammers from using your domain without permission.
  2. The delegated domain is not easy to change, the initial setup is included in the setup fee quoted. Any changes after that may incurr costs.
  3. The anything can be changed, deleted or additional lists created by end users from a web-interface.
  4. Emails that are sent out to a specific list must always come from the same address - each list it 'owned' by a particular person (email address). Only the owner of a list can distribute email to that list. You will login to the web interface with this email address. (each of these email addresses / users are considered distinct and unless otherwise arranged will be invoiced seperately)